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Welcome Current BGE Utility Customers

How To Lower Your Monthly Utility Bill

Enroll NowCQI Associates created the Residential Energy Co-Op to help BGE customers in Maryland save money by providing the most competitive rates available for electricity and natural gas supply services.

In the past, BGE consumers had to purchase natural gas or electricity from the local utility company at prices authorized by the Public Service Commission.

Thanks to deregulation, consumers may now purchase energy from the provider of choice and begin to reduce the costs of utility bills.

CQI Associates has a unique business model: Instead of each household calling a third party energy supplier and negotiating rates based on one home's usage, CQI Associates has negotiated competitive rates, based on the volume of homes the entire co-op brings to the supplier through a purchasing cooperative.

The BGE Utility continues to distribute power to co-op members' homes, maintain the lines and read the meters. In case of an outage, they are responsible for the restoration of your services.

Nothing related to your billing except the pricing will change. You continue to receive one bill from the BGE.

Clients on Budget Billing and Peak Rewards can remain on those programs. In addition, there will be no changes if you are enrolled in a program created by your utility related to the distribution of power to your home, or a program managing the power (e.g. special thermostat).

Residential Electricty Co-op Pricing


BGE Electricity Service Territory Co-op Pricing
Price Term
$0.0910 / kWh

12 Month (includes 5% Wind Power)

$0.0910 / KWh 24 Month (includes 5% Wind Power)
$0.1140/ kWh 12 months (includes 100% Wind Power)
$0.1140 / kWh 24 months (includes 100% Wind Power)

Residential Natural Gas Co-op Pricing


BGE Service Territory Customers
Price Term
$0.55 / therm 12 Months
$0.56/ therm 24 Months



Lower Your Utility Costs in 3 Easy Steps!

1. You need as copy of your current utility bill for account information

Do not have the bill or account number? Call your BGE at 410.685.0123

2. Click on the Enroll Now button

Enroll NowFill out the required information on the first page of the CQI Associates website. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions at the bottom of the enrollment page and clicked 'continue,' you will be automatically re-directed to our preferred supplier's website. You will be asked to choose your rate, length of contract, re-enter your address and utility account number, and confirm your enrollment.

If you want budget billing be sure to select this option for the new supplier. Even if you have budget billing with the utility you need to designate budget billing with the new supplier.

Review the application to be sure the rate and length of contract are correct.

The offer is contingent on verification of the address, account number, and credit with the utility and the supplier.

3. Email Confirmation

You will receive an email confirmation followed by a written notification from BGE and your new supplier within 5-10 days.

Be sure you understand the rate offered and the obligations defined in the Terms and Conditions before completing the enrollment process. Enrollment commits you to the obligations of the supplier's contract terms and conditions for at least twelve months.

No CQI Associates or Supplier staff members should be allowed to enroll you. You must complete the enrollment process on your own - no CQI Associates or Supplier staff can act on your behalf to complete the enrollment process.

Enrollments other than through the on-line system cannot be completed without a signed authorization form returned by you prior to enrollment through the customer service center of the preferred co-op supplier. Call if you need assistance 410-740-0667.