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What is the price to compare?

The price to compare is the rate you are currently paying with your electricity supplier, which is established by the Public Service Commission (usually noted on your utility invoice).

To be sure the offer provides savings, customers should use the rate their local utility provides and compare that to the rate offered by the electricity supplier.

For example, if the Standard Offer Service Rate is 10.02 cents per kWh from BGE and a supplier offer is 9.3 cents per kWh, then the savings would be .72 cents per kWh. This offer provides economic benefit to the customer.

However, if the supplier’s proposed rate was 10.50 cents per kWh, then the proposed offer would be higher than the BGE Standard Offer Service Rate of 10.02 cents per kWh and does not provide savings.

Please be certain to compare the current and projected price to compare rate posted on your distribution company’s website (not the past year’s price to compare).

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