Commercial Co-op

CQI Associates Provides Businesses, Government Agencies, and Organizations with Energy Choices

Today, more than 76% of large businesses in Maryland have switched to a third-party energy supplier to reduce costs. Why is this percentage much lower for small-to medium-sized businesses? The answer is simple — lack of purchasing power and leverage.

Large businesses use enough power to negotiate favorable rates. Small-to medium-sized businesses do not consume as much power as these large companies and are not offered the best rates in the marketplace.

CQI Associates has solved this problem through the Commercial Energy Cooperative (co-op). The idea is simple. Instead of each business securing a third-party energy supply on their own, CQI Associates uses the leverage of the group to benefit each commercial account.

CQI Associates aggregates the kilowatt (kWh) load of the commercial accounts and uses this increased leverage for negotiating power, which reduces the overall cost.

CQI Associates have skillful commercial energy consultants who professionally manage the entire process. We hold informational meetings and webinars that educate interested commercial account owners about the entire process. CQI Associates handles the communication and manages the bid process for the group. We allow owners to concentrate on their core businesses while we secure the best current market rate for their energy supply services.

In 2004, CQI Associates first partnered with the Chamber of Commerce in Ocean City, Maryland. Since that time the program has expanded to include over 27 Chambers of Commerce in Maryland and over a dozen more throughout the United States. Offering a unique benefit to Chamber Members, their families, and their staff.

The idea was simple. Instead of each individual restaurant, hotel, and business spending time searching for third party energy supply, CQI Associates formed the first ever commercial energy co-op in Maryland.

This initial program has grown steadily, and today we are the leader in creating Energy Purchasing Cooperatives for Chambers of Commerce members.

The benefits your business or organization receives when you join the commercial energy co-op:

  • Receive a fixed rate on your electric and natural gas bill — guaranteed not to change during your contract term.
  • We offer individuals the group buying power of the co-op, which results in lower rates.
  • Deregulation has sparked healthy competition. As the energy market changes in the future, the co-op will negotiate on the members’ behalf.
  • CQI Associates has 25 years of industry experience and professionally manages the co-op program.
  • CQI Associates is a Client Advocate. You do not have to navigate the confusing energy choice decisions alone.
  • We offer the option to obtain up to 100% clean, renewable, wind powered electricity.

Gain leverage for your commercial accounts and join CQI Associates Commercial Energy Co-op!

If you need assistance, please CLICK HERE to email us or call us at 410-500-9555 to obtain an enrollment form.

Energy Procurement Services

CQI Associates has conducted over 250 energy procurement assignments since 2004 that have included over 35,000 accounts for over 18,000 locations. The estimated value of the supply services purchased is over $1,500,000,000.

  • The Archdiocese of Baltimore
  • The Archdiocese of Washington
  • Carroll County Public School System
  • Cordish Development
  • Hughes Network Systems
  • City of Decatur
  • Decatur Foundry, Inc.
  • Loomis Chaffee School
  • Maritime Institute
  • Antwerpen Automotive Group