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Energy Saving Tips for Spring from National Energy Consultants

It looks like “Snowquestration” wasn’t quite the crisis everyone thought it’d be, and with March flying by faster than the flocks of birds soon to be seen coming back from down south, there’s no question spring is imminent. Here are a few energy-saving tips to keep in mind as the weather begins to warm.

Get Natural – Circulation

Popping open a window can work wonders to bring cool air in while circulating the hot out. As the temperatures drop in the evening, consider turning your fans and air conditioners off and leaving your windows open during the night. In the morning, you can close them up to help keep the cool air inside.

Turn it Up

If you can keep your thermostat turned high, creating little difference between the temperature indoors and out, your cooling system won’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature, thereby lowering monthly utility bills.

Become a Fan of Fans

Fans have the capacity to keep you cool, while allowing you to raise your thermostat by about four degrees without creating discomfort.

Beat the Heat

Do what you can to avoid creating more heat in the house. Opt for the stove, microwave, outdoor grill, or raw foods so that you don’t radiate heat by turning on the oven. Make use of natural light whenever possible, opening blinds and shades partway. Try not to run appliances like dishwashers and laundry machines until you have a full load.

If you want to save energy in the spring, a little common sense will go a long way in lowering your monthly utility bills and making your home a greener place to be.

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