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The State of the Union Address, Energy Consumption, and Environmental Impact

Obama’s State of the Union Address sparked continued discussion of energy reform and the ongoing debate about climate change. Here’s our rundown on what the president has proposed as a part of his agenda this past Tuesday.

– Obama called Congress to action to issue legislation that seeks to quash carbon pollution while promoting the production of clean energy.

– Taking the energy crisis and rising environmental concerns seriously, Obama expressed his intention to develop executive actions in conjunction with his cabinet to make strides in reducing pollution, dealing with the effects of climate change, and rapidly evolving the sustainable energy market.

– Talk of an Energy Security Trust is in the works, which would use revenue from federal oil and gas production to fund research and technology to end the need to use oil as automotive fuel.

– Obama also announced his intention to promote the development of cleaner-burning natural gas with Congress’ help in order to protect the environment.

Whatever may happen in the upcoming term in terms of advancements in energy and environmental care, one thing’s for sure: you don’t have to wait until legislation is made to keep up with more sustainable energy practices. The energy consultants at CQI can help public and private clients alike to optimize energy consumption, reduce environmental liability, seek out renewable energy sources, and more.

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In State of the Union Obama Targets Energy, Climate

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