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Why LEED-Certified Buildings are Worthwhile

LEED Certification: it stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. A third party evaluation process, LEED is meant to improve building performance while facilitating healthy environments for its occupants. Providing a set of guidelines that support building owners and operators in producing green building design, construction, and maintenance, the LEED program is recognized on an international scale.

Here are some concrete ways in which LEED-certified buildings provide environmentally friendly spaces that simultaneously save money in the long run. LEED-certified buildings…

  • Reduce operating costs while increasing asset value
  • Cut down on waste that winds up in landfills
  • Conserve both energy and water
  • Provide healthy, non-toxic spaces for occupants
  • Diminishes harmful greenhouse gas emissions
  • Qualifies building owners for tax rebates, zoning allowances, and additional incentives in many areas across the States


For business everywhere, a LEED-certified building can lend a hand in boosting bottom lines. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, LEED-certified buildings yield the following measurable savings:

New Construction:

Operating costs – lower 13.6%

Building Value – increases 10.9%

ROI – improves 9.9%

Occupancy – rises 6.4%

Rent – increases 6.1%

Existing Building Projects:

Operating costs – lower 8.5%

Building Value – increases 6.8%

ROI – improves 2.5%

Occupancy – rises 1%

Rent – increases 19.2%

Those numbers are real, and CQI Associates, a forerunning energy and environmental management consulting company can help your business leverage those savings with our LEED Certification and Green Building Certification Project Management in Maryland, Washington, DC, and nationwide.

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LEED is good for business

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