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How to Save Energy and Cut Down on Utility Costs

Here are a few hot tips to help you save energy and cut down on utility costs – because everyone should think about going green as the landscape gets greener with the warm weather in spring. We’re offering up a few lesser known energy efficiency tips to help you save you money this season.

– Use cold water to wash laundry – it’ll keep your colors bright and saves 90% of energy in comparison to a hot water spin cycle.

    – Consider investing in a programmable thermostat to eliminate the need to keep the heat or air blasted on high when no one is at home.

      – Test out dryer balls, which are said to reduce the drying time of your clothes by up to 50%.

        – Plug your televisions and electronic devices into power strips that you can turn off with the flick of a switch when you’re not using them. Even electronics and appliances that aren’t in use suck up energy.

          – Talk with an energy management consultant, like the experts at CQI Associates, who can audit your home and offer advice on how to save energy and cut down on utility costs.

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